4 Frozen Babies found in Boston Apartment with Umbilical cords and Placenta Attached, Mother Still not Charged

4 Frozen Babies found in Boston Apartment with Umbilical cord and Placenta Attached, Mother Still not Charged

Boston, MA: The authorities made a gruesome and tragic discovery after they found 4 babies frozen in a Boston apartment.

A medical examiner said the babies’ deaths were “undetermined,” according to a news release from the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office on April 30.

Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden said Tuesday, April 30, that the mother from Massachusetts who owned the Boston apartment where four kids were found in a freezer last November will not be charged with a crime.

He said in a news release that he doesn’t think Alexis Aldamir, who is now 69 years old, can be put on trial for a number of reasons.

“This investigation is over. It was one of the most difficult, strange, and puzzling cases this office has ever seen.” “We know some things about this case, but there are many other things that we probably will never know,” Hayden said.

“The exact place and time of birth of the four babies found in Alexis Aldamir’s apartment will never be known,” he said. “We’ll never know for sure if the four babies were born alive or not, or what happened to them.” We will never know why or how Alexis Aldamir hid the fact that she was pregnant.

On November 17, 2022, Aldamir’s brother called 911 to say that he had found a baby in a freezer in their home in South Boston. This is when cops arrived. The caller said that he and his wife found the thing while cleaning out the apartment where his sister used to live.

On that day, two boys and two girls, who were all brothers, were found “frozen solid,” according to the police. All of them were found in shoe boxes with their umbilical cords still connected. The boxes were wrapped in tin foil. Both of the women had their placentas attached as well.

According to the release, the medical examiner said there was no scientific way to tell how long the babies, who were said to be full term, had been frozen.

“The autopsy found no signs of internal or external trauma and no clear signs of injuries,” the news release says. “The babies didn’t have any signs of food, milk, or formula in their stomachs.”

All of the babies’ causes of death were also “undetermined,” and the medical examiner said they couldn’t say for sure if the babies had been born living or not.

Later, investigators found out that Aldamir owned and lived in the apartment after coming to Amherst with her family from Maryland in 1971, when she was almost 17 years old. Based on records, Aldamir bought the apartment in South Boston in October 1983. He may have moved in as early as April 1982, according to the report.

Investigators were able to find Aldamir at a residential healthcare facility and forced her to give a DNA sample. The sample showed that she was the mother of all four babies, according to the court.

The police said Aldamir worked in Boston for an accounting company from March 1980 to October 2021.

The release says that her coworkers called her “a heavy-set woman who liked to wear loose-fitting clothing no matter the season.” “No one at Aldamir’s job knew she was pregnant at any point.”

The release says that more DNA testing in June 2023 showed that the father of the four kids was probably a man who died in 2011. Police said he and Aldamir had a fifth child together that they gave up for adoption. They also said that Aldamir had a girl in 1982, but they couldn’t find any other birth records.

Late in 2022, police went to the healthcare center where Aldamir now lives and questioned her about the four babies that were found in her apartment, according to the police.

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