Black Mayors From North Carolina Get Together to Praise Biden’s Efforts to Support Black Neighborhoods

Black Mayors From North Carolina Get Together to Praise Biden's Efforts to Support Black Neighborhoods

Before the election in November, Black people in North Carolina are being helped by local leaders to vote for President Biden.

On Saturday, black mayors from all over the state got together in Durham. People who spoke there backed Biden and his plans to invest in Black neighborhoods, protect and expand civil rights, and work to end cycles of health and economic inequality.

Durham Mayor Leo Williams was one of those who spoke.

“The facts are clear. The fact is there. “After Biden took office, small Black businesses did very well,” Williams said. “We have kept going, we have survived, and we are Black. I’d like to stay there.”

The event comes after the Black Voters for Biden coalition was officially launched last week. This group backs historic spending in reaching out to Black voters.

Mayor Mitch Colvin of Fayetteville, North Carolina, said it was clear when Biden walked into the office on the first day that help was on the way.

“President Biden delivered federal funds to Fayetteville for rental assistance, so that folks could afford to keep their homes and stay safe from Covid-19,” he said.

City of Savannah, Ga. Mayor Van Johnson was also there.

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